Swiss-Ball-Exercise---Y's---PetraDefinition of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy improves motion and stability for our daily life activities by restoring muscle flexibility, strength and coordination and normalizing joint function, along with easing pain and preventing disability following disease or injury.

Dr. Eggert uses her vast and cutting-edge experience to craft a personalized combination of specific therapies and exercises just for your particular and unique challenges. These may include soft tissue and joint mobilization (of which she can choose from 23 different methods), ultrasound, electro-therapy, Infrared light and cold Laser therapy to improve circulation, strengthen muscles which improves the coordination, balance, timing and function of your entire neuro-muscular system.

Dr. Eggert has over 30 years experience and has worked on three different continents to bring you a unique combination of the best techniques to make your PT program specific to your needs and to bring you as much ease as possible in the process. The goal of her physical therapy program is to empower you to move and function in your daily life and in your major life events with ease and power.