Chiropractic-Adjustments---SI-Joints---PetraWhat is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic Care is a natural, drug-free method of treating muscular-skeletal health issues and also enhances your general overall health and well being by addressing and correcting disturbances in the brain-body connection. It is based on the scientific fact that the nervous system controls every tissue, organ and cell in your body from the brain down and from the inside out.

Any improper joint function and any abnormal spinal curvatures (structural imbalances) result in diminishing the electrical flow between the nervous system to your organs and the rest of the body and causes arthritic changes or early degeneration. This condition is called a subluxation.

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to reduce these subluxations and promote an environment in which your body is more able to heal. Dr. Eggert applies precise, gentle adjustments, which can be manual or instrument-assisted, along with other modalities that will give you with the best results and promote faster and more effective healing.

Dr. Eggert chooses from her over 20 years of experience and a variety of methods to apply gentle and highly effective adjustments, which can be manual or instrument-assisted, to will give you the best results possible.

In addition, she helps you to apply these changes through education and instruction in ways to empower you to have an active role in accomplishing and maintaining these improvements.